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Checks identify London as worst city in the UK for danger tyres

London cars drivers and bike riders have come out badly compared with the rest of the UK in a series of roadside tyre checks arranged by the police and supported by the Tyre Industry Council - Britain's foremost tyre safety organisation.

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Checks arranged just before Christmas 2004 in the Mall and Constitution Hill by the Royal Parks Constabulary and supported by motorcycle officers from the Metropolitan Police showed that almost 17% of London car and van drivers with at least one defective tyre - classified as having a tread depth below 1.6 mm - a further 13% of vehicles examined had a at least one tyre below 2mm whilst not illegal were in need of imminent replacement. The national average for defective tyres is 11%.

The situation on bike and scooter tyres is equally worrying says the TIC. Again almost 17% of motorcycles in the London checks had at least one tyre below the 1mm legal minimum - only 10% of the riders questioned knew the minimum legal tread depth for motorcycle tyres.

"These are serious and disappointing figures for London riders and drivers" said TIC secretary Peter Taylor. "Having a defective or badly worn tyre places a motorist in much greater danger of having an accident, particularly in the wet. It is particularly disappointing that the figure is 6 percentage points higher than the national average. We would urge all those riding or driving in London to check their tyres."



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