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Goodyear's RunOnFlat adverts

You will probably have seen the new tv adverts from Goodyear about their new rubber...RunOnFlat... the first tyre to keep going after a puncture.

This is Goodyear's second successive year on TV in the UK. They are focusing again on Goodyear's firsts in innovation. Did you know they had the first tyre on the moon?

The tv campaign emphasises their technology and innovation when it come to tyres and launches their present day innovation of RunOnFlat. The TV campaign allows Goodyear to reach millions of UK households with a clear brand message, focused on a clearly defined target consumer.

The tv campaign is running on both terrestrial and satellite channels.



According to the Goodyear web site the RunOnFlat tyre will....

  • keep rolling when flat
  • eliminate high risk blow outs
  • drive for 50 miles with no tyre pressure

That's pretty impressive!

How this helps when you get a puncture

The specially built side walls of the run on flat tyre are made of a specially strengthened rubber actually keeps the support in place so that the weight of the car is placed on the sides of the tyres rather than on the middle. It also produces much less heat form the puncture so it doesn't chew the wheel up.

Despite having a puncture the tyre won't affect the cars handling as it would do with a normal one fitted. Drivers will have a greater sense of security, braking will be safer even with no air in the tyres. It's able to do this thanks to the the tyre's reinforced sidewalls which support the weight of the car even when all the air pressure is gone.

All in all, the Run on Flat tyre sounds like a wise investment. Search and compare prices now.

Goodyear Run on Flat adverts...

Here is a video of the adverts, although I don't think these ran on the UK tv networks. Not recommended for the squeemish!


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